December 30, 2020

Acupuncture for Sports Injury

Athletes often face challenges with respect to their fitness and general health. Repetitive training exposes the body to a greater chance of injury. This can halt careers and create health complications. With a holistic approach including acupuncture, cupping, and eating in regards to your constitution, better performance and injury management is possible. Acupuncture is not just effective in post-injury rehabilitation but can be used for injury prevention as well. By balancing the body and increasing blood flow to the muscles, acupuncture and cupping can be a major part of your overall approach to health and performance. Overtraining can cause the body to become tight and sore, so acupuncture for sport injury is a way to manage these negative side effects. So, if you are curious to incorporate this special approach into your training sessions consider reading further.

Muscle Imbalance

The approach of Chinese medicine is highly individualised and a complete system formed over 2000 years of observation. A runner becomes susceptible to injuries due to various reasons. Whether you’re addressing knee pain, IT band tightness, plantar fasciitis, or knee pain the primary concern will be diagnosed and treated by your licensed acupuncturist.

The pelvis is a converging area in our body. Imbalances in the pelvic region are quite common in most people. This is especially due to sedentary lifestyles. However, in the terms of athletes, runners especially, imbalances in pelvic and other muscles are aggravated from repeated striking due to intense training.

Much like the pelvis, our feet, too affect the moving patterns of our body. No matter what sport you like, it is important to develop certain muscles for every runner. Acupuncture is a fantastic tool for balancing muscle groups and preventing tightness and weakness in the gluteal region. It also helps in the prevention and treatment of tight hamstrings.

Fascial Planes and acupuncture meridians

Acupuncture  is able to activate whole channels of the body via the acupuncture points. So if you had tight hips for example. We would firstly active the whole meridian that passes thru the hips. This would be done by needling a point on the feet. This allows the hips to released before directly needling  cupping or massaging the area. It conveniently follows the design or lines of fascial connections. With this process, it can bring a change in gait and posture. One of the coolest things is acupuncture inherently addresses the entire channel and not just the site of injury. Acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain follows the same principle. First release the neck with points on the hand and then work on the neck and shoulder.

Entire body medicine

One of the precious strengths of Chinese medicine is its focus on the body and treating the body as a whole. Whether it’s pain, tightness, or weakness, it is a clear symptom of disharmony throughout the system of our body. Acupuncture Hub on the gold coast can provide both post-injury rehab and a complete preventative injury plan.