Lower Back Pain

The Acupuncture Hub has helped many people to overcome lower back pain. No need to worry, the session will be relaxing and enjoyable. You will hardly feel the acupuncture needles.
Back Pain and Sciatica Pain are regularly treated here in the clinic. I often hear statements like “I just picked up a small rock”. “I just did some sweeping or vacuuming”. “I just did some gardening over the weekend”. These statements are just describing the straw that broke the camels back. If only it was so simple as that little incident. The truth is that Back pain usually develops over many years.

A particular action done repetitively often causes stiffness and tightness to build up in the muscles of the back. Incidents and falls can also trigger the back into spasm as a nerve becomes affected.
The pain can radiate to different areas and be worse for sitting or standing. Pain that feels like it goes into the buttocks or sacrum is usually worse for sitting and treatment involves balancing the hips. Pain which radiates down the hamstring also involves the hip flexor muscles and can be worse for standing. Sometimes the pain radiates into the gluteal muscles on the front of the leg. All of these types of back pain are treated slightly differently but the pain is usually due to trigger points in the hips and lower back. Acupuncture is fantastically suited to treating back pain, as we can release these sore spots gently and without pain.
Research suggests acupuncture is effective in treating back pain. We offer a money-back guarantee if there is no improvement after two treatments.